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Can’t cook or won’t cook, at Joseph Pip we believe everyone deserves to enjoy real food at home. We’ve developed a range of delicious hand-cooked ready meals that make eating well easy – and we’ll deliver them straight to your door.

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  Who knew An Aubergine is a fruit, a berry to be exact, though the aubergine is used as a vegetable and also known as egg plant and brinjal. Aubergines are at their best from mid-July to September. When choosing your aubergine, look for one that is smooth, unblemished and has a glossy skin. The […]


Joan’s Story

Joan has 3 loving children who are flung far and wide, leading busy lives. Though her son is local, he runs his own business and enjoys all the pressures that this brings – long days, travel, evening meetings and his own family waiting to see him at the end of the day. With the service […]