How it works

Step one Place your order

If the meals you want are for someone in Bucks or Berks, choose from our range of hand-cooked ready meals then order online or by phone.

Step two Deliver your meals

We’ll take care of the rest and make sure your meals are delivered speedily to your door.

Step three Check you’re happy

We’ll be in touch to make sure you’re happy and take your next order.

Can’t cook or won’t cook, at Joseph Pip we believe everyone deserves to enjoy real food at home. We’ve developed a range of delicious hand-cooked ready meals that make eating well easy – and we’ll deliver them straight to your door.

What's new?


Exploding the myths around what older people eat

As we age there are a number of stereotypes and beliefs that can be unfairly imposed upon us and this is none more obvious than when discussing what older people like to eat. We took a look at five key myths surrounding the diet of older people to see if they really stood up. 1. […]


The story behind the story

Our ‘About us’ section on this site tells an abridged story of who we are, where the name Joseph Pip came from and what we see as special about what we are doing. But the story is deeper and wider. It’s a story spanning several years. Supporting older relatives in a busy world Some time […]